PreK-1 Readiness Program


Many current studies highlight the correlation between future success to a strong foundation in early childhood education.  The expectations of students in kindergarten and first grade are much higher now than they were in generations past.


Now viewed as the year that reading begins to develop, it is important that students enter kindergarten with a background in alphabetic knowledge and phonemic awareness.  If you think that your child may need to get a leg up in their upcoming kindergarten year, Atlas Academy is the place to turn.  We have experienced early childhood educators and former kindergarten teachers on our team.  Over this summer, we can help your little ones learn the alphabet, letter sounds, sound manipulation, and early reading.  We will also focus on a strong foundation in math, by strengthening number sense, patterning, sorting, and more.  Over the summer we can help to develop and enhance your youngster’s skills to fully prepare him or her for a happy, successful year!

Focus of the Pre-K/ Kindergarten program:

  • phonics
  • alphabetic knowledge
  • rhyming
  • segmentation
  • sound manipulation
  • number sense
  • patterns
  • sorting and classifying


Students entering first grade should have a strong foundation in phonics, reading, and math.  Our early childhood specialists and former first grade teachers have what it takes to develop not only a strong grasp on reading, but a true love for it.  Our program targets each student’s specific needs whether it be in language arts, math, or both.  Students will learn the word reading and phonemic awareness they need to strengthen their reading fluency.  In math, students will strengthen their number sense and their addition and subtraction skills.  All students will get the teaching and support that they need to ensure success in first grade.  Best of all, they will have fun while they do it!

  • phonics
  • fluency
  • segmentation
  • writing
  • sound manipulation
  • reading comprehension
  • number sense
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • time
  • money

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