Pre K-12

How do we do it?

As classroom teachers, we approached the creation of Atlas as any educators would: as thinkers. While conventional tutoring centers focus more on marketing and sales, we focus on the needs of our students and identify what skills and understandings they need to obtain in order to reach the next level. We call this theĀ Thinker’s Approach. We teach concepts and skills that not only bridge gaps in understanding, but reinforce one’s academic foundation. In all areas, from study skills to math enrichment, to organizational strategies, to essay-writing, to exam preparation, we expand comprehension and abilities.

What are the qualifications for your instructors?

We do not hire undergraduate students. We only hire experienced instructors who truly love to teach, who have a superior knowledge of their subject, and who love working with kids. We cultivate a collegial atmosphere that invites exchange between instructors, believing that our students will ultimately benefit from the sharing of knowledge among staff members.

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