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Many of the test preparation programs that exist today rely heavily on teaching quick tips and corner-cutting strategies for identifying answers. We focus on teaching a student concepts, skills, and applications that will actually serve them in high school, in college, and in life. While we do teach students reliable test-taking strategies, our program is primarily based on the premise that by teaching relevant, practical concepts, we can not only help students improve their scores dramatically, but also help them become stronger learners overall. This is the heart of the Thinker’s Approach, and it relies on a blend of both instructional expertise and student initiative.


Our comprehensive summer high school and college entrance exam preparation programs have led students to extraordinary improvements on test scores.  Programs for high school and college entrance exams begin with diagnostic assessments that pinpoint each student’s needs. Students then participate in an intensive, week long study group.  Finally we will create an individualized academic program based on the remaining areas of growth.  In your child’s ten one-to-one sessions that follow, they will have the opportunity to work  with an experienced tutor. The rigorous work they complete in language arts, mathematics, and writing will allow your child to achieve the highest possible results on the various high school and college entrance exams.

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This program includes:

  • Two practice tests and evaluations
  • Ten hours of small group instruction
  • Ten one-on-one sessions in the fall
  • An individualized summer packet
  • Follow-up conferences
  • All other materials for the entire school year


This program includes:

  • Two practice tests and evaluations
  • 20 hours of small group instruction
  • Ten hours of individualized instruction in the fall
  • A summer packet
  • Follow-up conferences
  • Preparation materials for the entire school year


While we highly recommend our summer intensive test preparation program, we understand that many students need the flexibility of starting a program and scheduling sessions on their own time.  Whatever the case, the outline of the test program would be much the same as the summer program.  The program will begin with a diagnostic assessment that our experienced educators analyze and use to outline an academic plan.  From there, our educators will set forth on the program that they have created for the individual needs of your child.  After the student has gone through many targeted sessions, he or she will be reassessed to ensure that the targeted areas are being mastered.  As with the summer program, each student will receive packets of targeted work to complete at home.  Throughout the program students will also get advice and information on test taking strategies and skills.  Educators will support and review with students as close to their official test date as they need for maximum success.

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