Free Workshops


Saturday, September 7                                                                                                                                                     9:30-11:00am and 12:30-2:00pm

Sessions will be divided into two groups: 7th-8th grade and 9th -12th grade

This workshop will equip students with strategies to successfully keep up with the rigor of a new school year.  In the session, we will guide students to understand their personal learning styles, take effective notes, study efficiently, and set goals for the school year.

To start the session off, students will take a brief quiz that will reveal which two of the seven learning styles they favor the most. From there, students will get specific tips for studying based on their unique combination of favored learning styles.  After that, participants will go into detail about different formats for note-taking and how these formats will best suit their learning needs.  Tutors will also discuss the importance of daily review of effective notes as a means to learn new material as opposed to “cramming” before an exam.  Finally, we will guide your child through goal setting and through the process of mapping out a long term assignment so that he of she will fully understand a teacher’s expectations for a large project.

Student who participate in this program will feel set for the challenges of the school year!

We will announce the date and time of future free sessions on Facebook, so please follow the link below “like” us, and you will be the first to get the details!


Please call or email to register your child.  Space is limited.

(650) 685-5547


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