Atlas Advantage

Atlas Academy is dedicated to providing students of all ages with the ability and confidence to achieve their full potential of academic excellence.

We care deeply about the success of each and every student. When students enter our nurturing, academic environment they feel energized, comfortable, and happy. Not only will your child master core curriculum, they will develop a passion for learning that will serve them far beyond the classroom. At Atlas Academy we are part of a broad movement in modern education that puts the learner at the center of his or her own education. As we consider the way forward, Atlas is committed to being part of the progress and innovation that will help American students attain a higher level of proficiency in all subjects and develop a stronger sense of personal accountability along the way.

How do we do it?

As classroom teachers, we approached the creation of Atlas as any educators would: as thinkers. While conventional tutoring centers focus more on marketing and sales, we focus on the needs of our students and identify what skills and understandings they need to obtain in order to reach the next level. We call this the Thinker’s Approach. We teach concepts and skills that not only bridge gaps in understanding, but reinforce one’s academic foundation. In all areas, from study skills to math enrichment, to organizational strategies, to essay-writing, to exam preparation, we expand comprehension and abilities.

Who are we?

  • We are experienced teachers who strive to create an innovative and encouraging environment that contributes positively to the education and development of today’s youth.
  • We challenge our students to recognize their potential, to find purpose in the pursuit of knowledge, and to discover an enduring passion for learning.
  • We help students understand their individual learning styles so that they can become more confident, self-motivated learners.
  • We cultivate open relationships with our students and their families because we believe that positive, consistent interaction enriches each student’s learning experience.

What makes us different?

As classroom teachers, we know that expanding the student’s knowledge of skills and concepts is the foundation of academic success. Our goal is to reinforce what they have learned in the classroom and extend their knowledge with creative teaching methods. The “Thinker’s Approach” is the reason why our students grow as learners and see drastic improvement not only in their test scores and grades, but also in their self-confidence.

  • We are not homework helpers or study buddies, we teach!
  • We believe that real learning happens when there is a dynamic exchange between student and instructor — when there is engaging, thoughtful discussion.
  • We work with students to identify their strengths and areas of need and help them take responsibility for their learning.
  • We take a “Thinker’s Approach” based on the premise that students need solid skills, not quick answers.

What are the qualifications for our instructors?

We do not hire undergraduate students. We only hire experienced instructors who truly love to teach, who have a superior knowledge of their subject, and who love working with kids. We cultivate a collegial atmosphere that invites exchange between instructors, believing that our students will ultimately benefit from the sharing of knowledge among staff members.

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