Grades 6-8


For many students, the entrance into 6th grade marks the first time that they move about to different single-subject classrooms.  In addition to the additional rigor in the classrooms, at this age, we find that many students have a hard time learning the management strategies that will ensure their success. Our organizational programs and workshops focus on the importance of time management, effective note taking, and study planning.


In the middle school years, students will focus on ratios and proportional systems, the number system, expressions and equations, geometry, statistics and probability, and functions (8th grade).  While all math classes in the middle school grades will focus on the aforementioned areas (apart from functions), the scope of each domain will deepen.  Here is an example from the Common Core Standards:

The Number System

  • 6th grade: Students will be able to easily divide multi-digit numbers.
  • 7th grade: Students will be able to apply knowledge of multiplication, division, and fractions in order to multiply and divide rational numbers.
  • 8th grade: Students will be able to use rational approximations of irrational numbers. They will use this approximation to compare the size of irrational numbers, to locate the irrational number approximately on a number line, and to estimate the value of expressions

Language Arts

The Language Arts program in middle schools will focus on also focus on key elements that will deepen in complexity over the course of the three years.  Students are expected to read, evaluate and understand grade-level literature and informational texts; to write multiple genres effectively; to express their listening and speaking abilities through class discussions and presentations; and to use proper grammar in spoken and written language.  Many language arts programs have increased their rigor, even at these early ages, to ensure that students are prepared for the high quality evaluation of text, writing, and presentation skills that are expected in universities.

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